Hot Jam Factory is the Art Alt, Prom Rock, Surf Punk recording project of Harrisburg, PA based songwriters 

Jordan Trevino and Sean Saman. Hot Jam Factory creates an almost cinematic, emotionally captivating experience soundtracking the hear and now. The band is known for their extravagant and high energy live performances, performing as a 4 - 6 piece.

"The Under Age"... It's as if the band found a way to combine the best parts of Arcade Fire with the best parts of Cage The Elephant without sounding like a knockoff of either project"

- Substream Magazine

"Hot Jam Factory and the Hi-Fi Underside is a must-listen coming-of-age album"

- Relix Magazine

"Hot Jam Factory percolates and shines like sounds from an 80's glitter prom on "20 20"


"...Really dig it"

            - THE STRAIT

"A striking bedroom pop/surf rock 'treasure'"

- Last Day Deaf

"Here" is one of those songs that you have to put in headphones and lie down to so you can fully experience each second"

- Tongue Tied Magazine

"Surf rock... every note to ooze lucid jangle"

- Janglepophub





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