"Hot Jam Factory and the Hi-Fi Underside is a new and exciting chapter for Indie Rock"

- Relix Magazine

"It's as if the band found a way to combine the best parts of Arcade Fire with the best parts of Cage The Elephant without sounding like a knockoff of either project"

- Substream Magazine

Hot Jam Factory is an Art Rock band conceived by front man Jordan Trevino. First presented as a 2 piece, HJF played an open mic night at Harrisburg Midtown and Arts Center (HMAC); the set went so well they were asked to open for MTV’s 2011 Winter Tour as it passed through the following month. The band has since evolved to include Sean Saman and Margaret Gehman, but performs with anywhere from 4-12 of their friends. HJF takes influence from a broad range of genres, creating an emotional and captivating experience. It is not surprising, then, that the band is also known for their extravagant and high energy live performances.




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